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Airmar M265LH


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The best performing 1 kW in-hull, this narrow beam transducer provides crisp image detail.nThe transducer has a depth of 3,000′; an operating frequency of 42 to 65 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz; a beamwidth of 16 to 25 degrees or 6 to 10 degrees; and a 0 to 30 degree deadrise.nTransducer kit comes with installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.n*Not recommended for cored-hull vessels.nnProduct Spec.nnFeaturesnCable length 39 ft.nPower 1 kWnFrequency CHIRP Low (42-65 kHz) & CHIRP High (130-210 kHz)nMaximum depth 3,000 ft.nNumber of pins 12-pinnBeamwidth 16°-25°/6°-10°nDepth/speed/temperature DepthnSupported deadrise/transom angles 0°-30° degree deadrisennProduct In The BoxnnNot Available

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