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Varia™ UT800 Smart Headlight Trail Edition


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In stock

See the light.nWORKS ALONE OR PAIRS WITH EDGEnWhen paired with your bike computer, the headlight automatically adjusts based on speed and ride profile. And you can control the lights yourself with just a quick tap.nAUTO BRIGHTNESS CONTROLnSelect Edge bike computers can detect ambient light conditions and automatically adjust your headlight brightness accordingly to help you conserve battery life.nSUPERIOR VISIBILITYnAt its brightest, Varia UT800 projects a steady beam of 800 lumens, making you visible in daylight from more than 1 mile (1.6 km) away.nVARIABLE MODESnTailor your light output to the conditions with 5 light modes, including high (800 lumens), medium (400 lumens), low (200 lumens), night flash and day flash.nBATTERY LIFEnMultiple modes help you maximize battery life. You’ll get 1.5 hours on high, 3.0 hours on medium, 6.0 hours on low, 25.0 hours in day flash mode and 6.0 hours in night flash mode.nMULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONSnFeaturing a low-profile, lightweight (140 g) design, you can mount Varia UT800 to your handlebar with an out-front mount or to your helmet with a helmet or friction mount2.nTake your cycling experience to the next levelnLearn MorenSee your stats, and track your goals in the Garmin Connect™ appnLearn Moren1 When paired with compatible Edge devices with ambient light sensorn2 Rider should adhere to local laws regarding light placement while riding on the road. The Varia UT800 smart headlight does not conform to StVZO regulations.nnProduct Spec.nnFeaturesnproductSpecMiscnDimensions (LxWxH): 3.8″ x 1.3″ x 1.2″ (96.6 mm x 33.5 mm x 29.7 mm); 1.8″ with flange (44.7 mm with flange)nWeight: 4.6 oz (130.0 g)nBattery life: 1.5 hours, high; 3.0 hours, medium; 6.0 hours, low; 25.0 hours, day flash; 6.0 hours, night flashnLumens: 800nCREE LED: yesnDegrees of visibility: 270°nVisibility distance: 1 mile (1.6 km)nWater rating: IPX7nnProduct In The Boxnn

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